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samplebandsTablet weaving or card weaving uses simple equipment to produce patterned warp-faced bands. This workshop covers the basics of reading a pattern, setting up a warp and weaving. Angela Schneider is a weaver, spinner, knitter, and enthusiast for all textile structures from the common to the esoteric. She teaches math, computer science, color theory, and dance in addition to multiple fiber arts, and is a patient and encouraging teacher. She is a board member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers and Southeast Fiber Forum Association, the editor for the “TWIST Journal” (Tablet Weavers International Studies and Techniques), and a member of Handweavers Guild of America, Complex Weavers and Memphis Association of Craft Artists.

WOODTURNING   with JIMMY CLEWES   July 30 – August 2

Not your ordinary woodturner, Jimmy Clewes is a charming British renegade creative with unending wit and a magnetic personality, attributes that make him very popular in the woodturning clewesbox2-800demonstration circuit. He is also a wonderful and patient teacher. In this class, Jimmy will cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques and tips. Projects will include the turning of bowls, platters and boxes. As a technique of embellishment, the coloring of wood will be included in the class instruction. Emphasis will be upon improving tool technique, reducing the need to sand. Design, shape, form and aesthetics will be considered in all projects.


Model a human head from life, using water-based clay and develo10984055_10204418609483030_4248463368314110867_np the skills of accurate observation while learning the anatomical proportions, bone and muscle structure, to understand expression. This workshop is based on classical traditional modeling techniques for figurative sculpture.

William Beckwith is one of the most prominent sculptors in Mississippi, producing public and private bronzes for over 30 years. He is widely known for his portrait busts and public monuments of icons William Faulkner, Elvis Presley, B.B.King, Tennessee Williams, Richard Wright, Eudora Welty and more.


imageCreate patterns and colors on copper with a torch by controlling the shape and heat of the flame. Students will learn to anticipate color changes, to layer colors and to apply these techniques to their own design. Skip and Racheal Mathews are studio artists in Mountain View, AR.  They demonstrate their art form and sell their artwork at the Ozark Folk Center.Skip began developing this art form 33 years ago and he has been called the father of flame painting.  He and Racheal create their patterns of colors on copper jewelry, leaves, wall décor, and vases.

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The Arkansas Craft School is a center for craft education, dedicated to helping aspiring and practicing craft artisans gain the skills they need for success in the creative economy. Located on Main Street in Mountain View, in the beautiful and serene Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Craft School offers weekend and week long workshops in clay, glass, metal, fiber, wood, and other craft related media.  The School also offers workshops in marketing and management practices geared specifically for artisans, crafts for kids, and community craft programs

ACS - LOGO Arts Council    Support for the Arkansas Craft School provided, in part, by the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and the National Endowment of the Arts.      

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