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PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY  with Ed Alexander September 2-4

This course is part of the Arkansas Craft School’s Business of white-background-product-photographyCraft workshop series, and is designed to instruct craft artisans in taking professional photographs of their own work. The quality of the photograph is equally important to the quality of the artwork itself. A professional portfolio is a must if one is going to present your art for submission to art shows, galleries, and publications.  This workshop will cover, setting and backgrounds, correct lighting and use of flash, detail photographs, color correction, processing and transferring to CD. Individual instruction will be provided for applying the appropriate techniques for each student’s specific artwork.


WEB DESIGN with Shawn Hoefer   September 1-25

http---www.arkansascraftguildThis workshop will guide you through the process of creating your own functional website that can be easily maintained. Requirements are minimal… Basic computer skills, a credit card or Paypal account to register domain names, a digital camera along with some pieces of your work to photograph – (smartphone cameras are acceptable), and a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, notebook, or netbook that will hold a charge for at least an hour. You will be provided with a flash drive containing the majority of the software needed.



Try your hand at hand at weaving on a four harness loom. This three day workshop will cover basic weaving theory & the language of the loom. You will learn how to calculate your yardage, measure your yarns, wind and warp your loom. We also will go over a few tips for those troublesome spots. By the end of the class you will have woven a fun textile for your wall!  For the love of pattern and color we will be weaving a twill color gamp. Ours will be a five color gamp of four inch blocks. Color gamps are the best tool to have in the study of color and pattern interactions in the weaver’s world.


SCRIMSHAW! Septembarr 5 & 6 – A workshop with the old blaggard Rich Williams.

DSCN1581Yarr Matey – ye don-t want to miss this one! Scrimshaw, an original American art form, is the etched drawing, carved into bone that sailors did as they were out whaling. Imagine those sailors so long away from home, in an overwhelming, scary expanse of ocean. How comforting it would be to concentrate their focus on something small, a memory of home, a depiction of an heroic whaling adventures or a beautiful naked lady. Lear the art and the lore in this wonderful workshop.

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The Arkansas Craft School is a center for craft education, dedicated to helping aspiring and practicing craft artisans gain the skills they need for success in the creative economy. Located on Main Street in Mountain View, in the beautiful and serene Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas, the Arkansas Craft School offers weekend and week long workshops in clay, glass, metal, fiber, wood, and other craft related media.  The School also offers workshops in marketing and management practices geared specifically for artisans, crafts for kids, and community craft programs

ACS - LOGO Arts Council    Support for the Arkansas Craft School provided, in part, by the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and the National Endowment of the Arts.      

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